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Belligerent Maya Targets SP and congress

Vibha Tripathi

Lucknow September. Apparently cornered over the campaign by the Congress and the Samajwadi Party against the  construction of over a dozen parks and memorials eulogizing the dalit icons costing thousands of crores to the state treasury, UP chief minister today adopted a belligerent stance against the opposition parties.
Mayawati warned of dire consequences if the memorials were damaged or demolished. She dared the Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav to demolish these structures and face the wrath of the people.

''If such things took place, the entire country will be under president's rule and there will be anarchy in the country '' she said while addressing a rally after inaugurating the Kanshiram Green Eco Park in the state capital.
Mayawati, under attack of the opposition after the Supreme Court ordered the suspension of the construction at many sites related to dalit icons, was at her fiery best blasting all the opposition parties especially SP and the Congress for their tirade against the parks, memorials and statues in the memory of dalit ideologues.

The sharp reaction of the BSP supremo had come in the wake of SP president Mulayam Singh Yadav's recent statements that all the statues and memorials would be bulldozed if his party came to the power.

''Nobody can afford to do that and such step would lead to serious constitutional crisis and the country will be under president rule,'' Ms Mayawati fumed. If it happened the SP and the Congress would be held responsible for this, she said.

The BSP president made it clear that her government had never violated any Supreme Court directive and it was the opposition parties and media which were running vilification campaign to malign the construction of memorials.

'' A section of the media played to the tunes of the opposition parties and showed the construction work which had nothing to do with the SC case'', she said adding that UP Chief Secretary today submitted his counter affidavit in the SC clarifying the government's views.

'' BSP have always honoured the directives of the judiciary and in no way it will try to violate their orders in future'', she stressed.

Charging the Samajwadi Party with conspiring to demolish the Ambedkar Memorial during their regime in 2005, the UP CM said the Mulayam Singh Yadav government had tried to change the 'master plan' of the green belt at the site. '' He could not get away with it due to our protest and after that BSP was voted to power with full majority in 2007 assembly polls'', she said.

Commenting on the SP leader’s threat that they will bulldoze the statues if return to power, Maywati said anyone dares to demolish the statues of the dalit leaders would have to face the peoples' wrath.'' It is unfortunate that Mulayam Singh Yadav's elevation to power only because of the constitutional norms made by Dr B R Ambedkar but now he is trying to insult him'', she said adding 'the dalit and downtrodden class of the society will never forgive Mulayam for this.''

Mayawati also blamed the Congress and Samajwadi Party for instigating people to file petitions to oppose the construction work in different projects in the state.

'' These parties are directly or indirectly behind the scores of petitions filed against the UP government and their only effort is to derail the development work in the state'', she claimed. The BSP president questioned the Congress that though they are opposing tooth and nail the construction of statues and memorials of the dalits and even raising environmental violation issue, but could they answer whether their proposal to construct a statue of Chatrapati Shivaji on the sea bed in Mumbai would not be an environmental hazard.

'' Announcement of the construction of Shivaji statue at the sea bed in Mumbai just before the announcement of the assembly elections would certainly create severe environment hazards. But since the Congress is at the Centre, it can do nothing wrong'', the UP CM remarked.
Mayawti, criticising the Congress for only glorifying the family members of Nehru and Gandhi by spending crores of rupees, said that had they did something for the dalits then her government was not required to construct statues a and memorials.

She also questioned that why the Congress government had not constructed anything on the name of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Country's first President Dr. Rajendra Prasad and even on the name of hundreds of freedom fighters.

Reacting sharply on the comment of leaders of Congress and other parties alleging that she loves stones and not the greenery, Mayawati said her government has taken environment in the first priority and it was for the first time that 100 million trees were planted in Bundelkhand last year. Besides this the government has launched mega plantation drive in the state to provide more greenery to the masses, she said.

The UP CM claimed that the Manyawar Shree KanshiRamji Green (eco) Garden spread out in bout 60 acres in the heart of the state capital would be one of the best garden in the country. This garden is being constructed at the site of the jail campus after it was shifted to Mohanlalganj recently.

'' This garden would attract visitors from the country and abroad and would earn huge revenue in future'', she said.  During her speech, the CM elaborated on the reasons for shifting the district, model and women jail to a new campus and even claimed that her decision of shifting the jail was as per the recommendation of the Law Commission, Supreme Court and Jail Reforms Commission.

''  The new jail premises houses more than 4000 inmates while the old only had the capacity of only 2500'', she said.

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